Steven Brooks, began his training in the martial arts in 1980. After 15 years of studying a variety of styles and ever in search of a true master, he met John Conroy (www.ritaichi.com). John is the first disciple of Gin Soon Chu and a family student of Yeung Ma Lee, daughter of Yeung Sau Chung, gatekeeper of the Yang Family Style. 

He dedicated himself to John's teachings and training, receiving both the oral transmission and physical transmission, and after 11 years of training tai chi was accepted as his first disciple in 2006. He travels to China each year with John to continue study with the Yeung family.


Steven's son, also named Steven, has been immersed in martial arts since birth. After learning Tai Chi Chuan, the use of the tai chi knife, spear, and sword, and the two person fighting forms, he became his father's assistant, and often helps in the teaching and training of the students.